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Throughout the years I have put together various writings on how to do various aspects of academia.  Coming from where I came from, I know that I am only where I am today because others invested their time and energy in me and I am deeply appreciative for those shared insights. I share these thoughts in the hopes of helping others figure out what is so essential and often untaught in how to do what we do.  Of course, these are my opinions and there may be multiple points of view.

What I think a prospectus should do and what I expect if you ask me to serve on your committee.


How to succeed in graduate classes i.e., what I should have done.


How do you study for a comp exam?  What is expected?


Advice for setting yourself up for success.  Tried to keep it basic and simple.


How should you read if you really need to read something?


What is the formula for a good abstract?


What should my tables and figures look like?

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