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The lists that follow contain all of my peer reviewed publications (40), chapters written for edited volumes (6), projects that I am working on -- some for which I have a sharable draft (5) -- and a bunch of papers that were unable to survive the review process and which I think are not entirely worthless (10). 


Here is what I have written for inclusion in edited volumes.  Some of these reflect early thinking of issues that were subsequently tackled in a paper published via the peer review process.

Working Papers
Working Papers

Here are some of the things I am currently working on (and for which the current draft is not entirely embarrassing).  These are being actively revised, however, so the paper may change over time.

  • "Giving to the Extreme? Experimental Evidence on Donor Response to Candidate and District Characteristics." With Mellissa Meisels and Greg Huber.

  • `"Donations and Dollars: Characterizing the Political Views of Donors and the Affluent." With Michael Barber, Brandice Canes-Wrone, and Greg Huber.

  • "An Affective Pandemic?" With Cindy Kam.

  • "Who Responds?  Non-Response on Political Surveys" With Marc Trussler and John Lapinski.

  • "The Political Consequences of Criminal Violence: Applying MRP to Mexican Survey Data." With Clare Evans and Noam Lupu.

Unpublishable WP

Here are some papers from my past that ran into issues in the publication process that were either too time consuming to fix or else the requested changes were impossible to adequately address.  I offer them in the hopes that others may make progress.

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